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References for The Women's Health Pavilion

Nicole Briscoe
First birth was in a hospital with conventional medical care. Her second birth was at home in the water.
Linda Raya
Has had more than one homebirth/waterbirth.
Gretchen Rudd
Planned a homebirth with an emergency transfer. Her second
birth was in home.
Laura Adams
Had a home birth after having her first baby in a birthing center.
Julie Scholes
First child was at home in the water. Plans someday to have her second child the same way.
Rena Bittle
Has had a water birth twice after she had her first child in a
Melanie Brindle
Had a home waterbirth.
Pam Anderson
First child was a hospital transfer birth, her second child was a
home birth in the water.
Angela Grojean
First baby was a hospital water birth.
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