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The Meaning of Midwife

Midwife means "with woman".

To you, this means having a midwife spend time educating and counseling you and
your family during pregnancy and preparing you for birth, breastfeeding and learning how to care for a newborn.

With a midwife who is trained in caring for your individual needs, you will have someone to assist you as you grow physically, as well as spiritually throughout your pregnancy.

A Certified Professional Midwife and Nurse Midwife

A certified nurse midwife is a registered nurse with further education and certification
in midwifery.

With these designations, you know your midwife is a graduate of one of the
advanced education programs accredited by the American College of Nurse
Midwives (ACNM).

A certified Professional Midwife must pass a national certification exam and meet requirements set by the states where they are licensed.
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