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A Brief History of Midwifery

The development of midwifery in North America was different from its development
in other parts of the Western world. Yet the historical origins are the same, and midwives who had been trained in Europe and Great Britain played major roles in
the early development of midwifery on this continent. As recently as the second
quarter of this century, most midwives practicing in large American cities had been trained in other countries, and British midwives provided the model for American
nurse-midwifery...In most cultures, men (beginning with shamans, followed by
priests or rabbis, and later by doctors or barber surgeons) were called only to deal
with unusual and dangerous complications (Roush, 1979) Care of normal pregnant women was beneath the dignity of early physicians; as men, physicians were also excluded on the basis of norms regarding sexual modesty and decent behavior...
Until the development of organized training programs and schools, which began
during different periods in different countries, most midwives learned their trade by observing and helping during their neighbors' and friends's births or by assisting an established midwife.

[Source: Midwifery & Childbirth by Judith Pence Rooks, 1997 Temple University Press]

Practice Philosophy and Informed Choice

The philosophy practiced at The Women's Health Pavilion is that pregnancy and childbirth are normal and healthy. Informed choice is a holistic approach combining mind, body, spiritual growth and needs by informed disclosure of birthing options.

Respect for Individuality and Choices

Pregnancy and childbirth are significant points in any woman's life--respect is
granted to individual wishes and needs; care is delivered in a non-intrusive fashion. Comfort and confidence are assured.

Our Goals and Objectives

As your primary care provider, The Women's Health Pavilion presents special understanding to women's health issues, knowing a blend of physical, emotional,
and spiritual aspects must be supported. A preventive and holistic approach to health issues is supported. Health management is implemented through informed disclosure and consent from the client. The normal visit runs approximately forty-five minutes
to allow for questions and informative teaching.

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