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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the baby safe in a water birth and where can I have one ?

When born in the water, the baby uses the same receptors in the back of the throat as in utero to not take a breath. Once the baby comes out of the water it will breath spontaneously. We perform water births in your home or in the hospital. The CNM's of The Woman's Hour have staff privileges at Research Medical Center where they have the proper equipment and conditions for water births.

2. Does insurance cover your services ?

We are not contracted with any insurance companies, however we work with several insurance companies on an out of network basis.

3. What supplies do you bring to a birth ?

Emergency supplies include IV's and fluids, emergency drugs used in labor birth and immediate postpartum, oxygen supplies to last 2 hours, and herbal supplements. No anesthetic drugs are used out of the hospital or pitocin for induction of labor.

4. Is home birth legal ?

Home birth with a CNM is legal in both Missouri and Kansas. Un-lincensed (or lay) midwives can legally practice in Kansas but this same type of non-licensed practice is a felony in the state of Missouri.

5. Can our younger children be present at the birth ?

We assist you in developing YOUR birth plan, its up to you if your children are present. We assist in making your birth the best experience for everyone present.

6. Will my baby be taken away after the birth ?

The majority of the observation and interaction can be done while the baby is being held by the mother. Only in extreme situations would the baby be moved away for intervention. The normal procedure after birth can even be performed with the mother breastfeeding.

7. What if we are working with you out of the hospital and change our mind ?

This is why we maintain hospital staff privileges and a collaborative practice agreement with an OB/GYN physician. We can admit and treat you at Research Medical Center for reasons as simple as mom/dad changed their mind or for reasons such as the safety of the mother and baby.

8. What do your births consist of ?

  • Nutritonal workers and counseling
  • Labor and Birth
  • Out of hospital emergency supplies if needed (i.e. IV therapy - Antibiotics)
  • Postpartum (2-4 Visits)
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Prenatal multivitamins throughout pregnancy
These are items that can be separately charged through some offices

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