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"My diagnosis clear and understood. My care superior. My results excellent."

-N.M. of Traverse City, MI


"Dr. Nowak performed my hysterectomy almost six months ago and I'm happy to report that the results have been very satisfactory! His staff has been kind and supportive from my pre-op to post-op appointments. I was well informed of the procedure and what to expect afterwards. I was able to stop using prescription pain medication three days after my surgery. Dr. Nowak was very understanding in approving the time off work headed for a full recovery. I've highly recommended Dr. Nowakto family, friends and colleagues. I'm very grateful for a successful experience."

-L.L. of Cadillac, MI


"I was very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Nowak. He listened to me and was able to diagnose and treat my initial problem successfully. When the pelvic pain became an issue for me, Dr. Nowak explained thoroughly the cause and my options for treatment. I chose the surgical option of a da Vinci Laparoscopic hysterectomy. My surgery went smoothly and I felt well enough to return to work, light duty of course, after 2 weeks. My experience beginning with Dr. Nowak, assistance from the surgical coordinator, Kendra regarding my insurance coverage and the care that I received from the nursing staff at at Munson Traverse City was outstanding! Dr. Nowak is a kind and compassionate physician whom I trust and I would refer any family member or friend to him if they were in need of GYN/OB care."

- G.P. of Cadillac, MI


"I came to the Women's Health Pavilion while experiencing severe pain from pelvic floor prolapse that two other OB-GYN practices in the area had declined to treat. They have deemed my condition "too complex" and I had to travel downstate for consultations that were far from home and difficult to access. When told about Dr. Nowak's expertise in treating proplapse, I called and was seen the same day. Dr. Nowak was the kindest, most supportive and caring of all the doctors I had seen. He and his office staff treated me with such kindness and respect. In other practices, I felt like a number. Here, I am always greeted by my name. Dr. Nowak offered me a choice in my treatment plan, and I opted for a hysterectomy with prolapse repairs. This was a long, complex surgery. Dr. Nowak did an expert job. Follow up support has been outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Nowak and Terri Glenn and their staff for their compassionate, expert care."

-P.K. of Traverse City, MI


"The office was absolutely amazing. Dr. Nowak is extremely thorough. For the first time in a long time, I have faith that everything will be ok. The staff is extremely professional. Everything was on time and the instructions were very clear. I couldn't be more happy with Dr. Nowak and his staff."

-O.C. of Cheboygan, MI


"Thank you for making a scary (to me) surgery not quite so scary. You sat and listened to me, answered my questions and paid attention. I felt you cared. I followed your instructions, listened to the nurses and I am doing well. Thank you! You, Dr. Nowak, your office staff and everyone at the hospital were caring and wonderful to myself and husband. We were treated like royalty. Again, thank you. I would recommend you to anyone needing surgery or care with female problems."

-D.B. of Ludington, MI


"I was far more nervous than was necessary for my procedure! Everyone was very comforting and professional. I was able to get up and walk with no problems very shortly after surgery. I am less thank four weeks out, and have NO PAIN. I am very impressed with the ease of the experience. Follow doctor's orders, and REST and RELAX, let others help you and you'll bounce back in no time!"

-J.M. of Traverse City, MI


"Dr. Nowak was recommended to me by my primary care doctors, Dr. Pray and Dr. Shockly from Elk Rapids. They said he was the best and most up to date in our area. Upon meeting Dr. Nowak and his nurse they were very accomodating. After my examination Dr. Nowak went over with me what the surgery would entail. He kept asking me if I had any other concerns or questions. I then saw the surgery nurse. She set up my date and gave me the information I needed. I also set up my post-operative visit after three weeks. Before my surgery I tried the pessary which did not work out. Dr. Nowak wanted me to be sure before the surgery. Post-op visit went well after two weeks. I wish I had a six week visit before I went back to exercise and pickleball just to be safe. I would receommend Dr. Nowak and his staff to anyone who needs female surgery. They made you feel comfortable and went out of their way to answer any questions I might have."

-S.P. of Kewadin, MI


"Dr. Nowak and staff were very caring and compassionate during a recent consult and hospitalization for my mother. We were taken by surprise by her prolapse during a holiday visit and Dr. Nowak was able (and willing) to do a surgical repair before there were more complications. In the process, a heart problem was discovered and treated. Mom is doing great and is so much more comfortable. We appreciate your expertise in caring for your patients."

-K.M. of Elk Rapids, MI and Maumee, OH


"I want to thank you for your excellent medical assessment of me on January 31. Your observation of me and how ill I was may have saved my life. I spent eight days in Munson and with excellent care got my "numbers" in a safe zone. I have been singing your praises to everyone ever since."



"I will definitely recommend Dr. Nowak whenever tge occasion arises. My surgery corrected all the GYN problems I had complained of and 3 days after suregery I felt surprisingly well. Thank you, Dr. Nowak."

-M.R. of Acme, MI


"Dr. Nowak was wonderful. Very gentle, professional and caring. Dr. Verburg referred me to him and I'm very pleased that he did! I would refer him to everyone. Thank you again!!"

-E.O. of Brutus, MI


"Dear Dr. Nowak, There are not words in the English language adequate enough to express my sincere appreciation for you giving me back my life! I had to limit everything I did, every day because of the physical problems I was experiencing. I had so much energy, but my body could not keep up. I feel fabulous now and go and do whatever I feel like! What a blessing! My surgery was a HUGE success and I thank God that you shared your immense talents and time to fix me! You are a blessing! Thank you for everything!"

-L.L. of Traverse City, MI


"Thank you so much for finding out what was wrong with me. The c-test topicort 3:1 cream has changed my life."

-K.B. of Rapid City, MI


"I feel better than I have in years. I was treated with respect by Dr. Nowak and felt very safe going into surgery and recovered quickly."

-D.S. of Cadillac, MI


"The surgery went well, the staff at Munson were very attentive as was Dr. Nowak. Dr. Nowak took time to explain the procedure in detail and I felt very taken care of. The first 3 days I slept a lot and it was difficult to move and get up from bed or a chair , but after the 3 day time period it was easier."

-S.G. of Traverse City, MI


"I am a 42 year old woman who has never had a mjor surgery before in my life. I had a friend that referred me to Dr. Nowak. I felt very comfortable at the office and hospital. I was unsure how my body would react to the surgery and anesthesia. Dr. Nowak and the nurses answered any of my questions that I had before and after surgery. It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I feel great. I can't wait to get back to my daily walking and exercising. I am very happy with the da Vinci procedure and glad I chose this route."

-A.G. of Petoskey, MI


"Dr. Nowak and his staff were awesome. Exactly what he said about my surgery experience, is what happened. The robotic hysterectomy went perfectly. My recovery has been quick and pretty easy. I recommend following his post op instructions fully. It works! Dr. Nowak is very professional. His knowledge and willingness to explain things is exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend Dr. Nowak and the da Vinci hysterectomy to anyone in need of a hysterectomy."

-J.R. of Bellaire, MI


"Being faced with having to have a hysterectomy is a little unsettling. But, I can say I feel much better thanks to Dr. Nowak and the da Vinci. I am looking forward to getting on with my life. Everyday I feel better. I’ve had an easy recovery. Very thankful."

- K.C. of Traverse City, MI


"The experience was positive for one! I would say don’t wait as long as I did before acting. I’m 65 years old and healing fine. I loved the office, the gals, and my doctor. The hospital stay was a positive too!"

- G.S. of Mancelona, MI


"I am very please with the results of my surgery. I had a cystocele and rectocele. My recovery was pretty quick. Dr. Nowak used the da Vinci and I am glad that he did. It was less painful in the long run. I am four weeks into recovery and feeling very good. I am finally able to hold back my urine and not going to the bathroom every 20 minutes."

- D.K. of East Jordan, MI


"Surgery went well. The benefits of robotic assisted surgery are wonderful! I had very little pain, faster healing time, and less time in surgery. Thank you Dr. Nowak!"

- B.M. of Tustin, MI

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