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Consultation • Outpatient Surgery

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Few things are more personal than your relationship with your gynecologist. At Women's Health Pavilion, we pride ourselves on our one-on-one approach to some of your most difficult and hard to talk about concerns.

Terri Glenn has been in a collaborative practice with Dr. Nowak at their present location since 1998. Dr. Nowak and Terri work closely together along with many of the primary providers in the area to provide individualized health care to women.

Continuity of care: It’s our top priority, because we care about you.

In a small community, some women hesitate seeing a doctor due to privacy matters. At Women's Health Pavilion, our employees sign privacy agreements and have regular in-services on privacy laws to ensure your secrets are protected.

Guaranteed confidentiality

We are known for our wide variety of options to treat your medical conditions. For example, Dr. Nowak performs 6 different types of hysterectomies catered to your anatomy and condition. He also offers several choices for prolapses of the bladder, rectum and uterus.

Numerous options

When you make an appointment with Dr. Nowak for a consultation, you will work with him throughout your planning and course of treatment, not a student or an assistant. He'll even take your call so that you can discuss your needs in confidence. Unlike a large clinic where you may see a physician you have never met and who is, thus, unfamiliar with your history and condition, we can guarantee you the benefit of someone you know and trust.

Compassionate and hands-on approach

Our philosophy