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overcomes limitations of both traditional and minimally invasive surgery.

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"She came to me for a second opinion in March 2010 because her uterus was rapidly enlarging, she was having heavy and long periods and she preferred not to have a major abdominal incision. During a thorough evaluation, an ultrasound revealed a fibroid the size of a basketball. I assured her I was confident I could remove it through five small incisions with a little help from my friend . Using an advanced technique of minimally invasive surgery called a morcellator, I was able to re-sect the fibroid and remove it piece-by-piece through the robot. She went home the next day"

When some people think of robotics, they envision a machine upon which I simply push a button marked "hysterectomy" and the robot independently performs surgery. In fact, the is a technologically brilliant tool that I use as an extension of myself. By assisting me with the benefit of 3-D magnification and unparalleled illumination, I am able to view normal and abnormal tissue far greater than with the naked eye. This precision leads to less bleeding, minimal scarring and faster recovery for my patients. I control every move the robot makes with tiny incisions and exact precision.

My new patient was referred to me for a second opinion because she wasn't ready to lose her uterus and her ability to have children to fibroids. I was able to remove a large fibroid tumor during the myomectomy through just five tiny incisions, as I directed throughout the procedure. A few days later, she was back on her feet running errands.

There are many gynecologic applications for the , and the Manufacturers insure that I and every other surgeon using this advanced and complex machine are highly trained before they list us as approved surgeons on their website.

"Trust me...