Kathryn Francisco
Surgical Coordinator

Philosophy Statement

Few things are more personal than a woman’s relationship with her gynecologist. That’s why we pride ourselves on our one-on-one approach to some of your most difficult and hard to talk about concerns. When you make an appointment with Dr. Nowak for a consultation, you know you will be seeing him throughout your planning and course of treatment. He takes his own call 99% of the time, which means you have access to your surgeon before and after your treatment, or if you at any time have any concerns whatsoever. Unlike a large clinic where you may see a physician you have never met and who is, thus, unfamiliar with your history and condition, with Dr. Nowak you have the benefit of someone you know and trust. Trust and continuity of care go hand-in-hand to expedite healing, both emotionally and physically.

Nurse Practitioner Terri Glenn collaborates with Dr. Nowak and approaches privacy and highly personal matters in the same manner.

In a small community such as ours, some women hesitate seeing a doctor due to privacy matters such as a large staff having access to their records. Be assured our employees sign privacy agreements and have regular in-services on privacy laws.

We are also known for our ability to offer OPTIONS for conditions. For example, Dr. Nowak performs 6 different types of hysterectomies catered to your anatomy and condition. He also offers several choices for prolapses of the bladder, rectum and uterus. Our comprehensive incontinence and painful bladder syndrome programs include in-office urodynamics to determine causes of problems. Treatments include medication, office physical therapy and/or surgical options.

Continuity of care... it’s a top priority to us... because we care about you.