What traits do you look for in your gynecologist when you are having something as routine as a pap smear or you are experiencing a new problem? Do you go to the same practitioner who you have been with for years just because your chart is there, or do you do your homework and look for someone who specializes in your condition?

Dr. Nowak stopped delivering babies a few years ago to devote his practice exclusively to minimally-invasive-surgery (MIS), a long-term passion of his. Through rigorous training with some of the best gynecologists in the United States, he has become one of the elite gynecologists in the United States to serve on panels to provide input on new products being tested for FDA approval. He regularly attends invitation-only conferences and training labs to be able to offer you the latest in MIS. Dr. Nowak was instrumental in encouraging Munson Medical Center to offer the da Vinci as the latest MIS technology for advanced gynecologists. MIS procedures require extensive training and experience. However, they have the benefit for you of shorter recovery time due to fewer and smaller incisions and less blood loss. At the current time, Dr. Nowak is the only gynecologist in Northern Michigan listed on the da Vinci physician locator website. Dr. Nowak’s surgical coordinator, Kendra, spends much of her time teaching about the procedures so that you can prepare yourself for an even quicker recovery time.

Gynecologic disorders are common reasons women seek the expertise of a Board-certified gynecologist. Dr. Nowak has a diverse practice treating urinary incontinence, cystoceles, rectoceles, bladder prolapse, fibroids, cysts, pelvic pain, endometriosis and disorders of the cervix and vulva, tubal ligations, and tubal reversals. Terri Glenn, Nurse Practitioner, specializes in painful bladder (Interstitial cystitis-IC), menopause and peri-menopause changes, adolescent first-time exams and female education. A special niche is mother-daughter private back-to-back appointments so that daughters learn by example the value of preventative care.

Please feel free to call us for additional information at 231.938.2366 about any of our services. Second Opinions are welcomed and designed to provide you with all the MIS options to consider.

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